Hope R2 Led Vision Light(Archived)

Hope R2 Led Vision Light(Archived)


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Hope R2 Led Vision Light(Archived) Description

The Hope R2 LED Vision Standard Light is an ideal light to own if you are looking at riding in the darker hours of the day. The All Sports pack comes supplied with one 2 cell (ES) Energy Status battery. This means you are able to go out for longer rides in the evening , ideal for road riding for when you just want longer rides in the winter months. The light features 2 CREE LED's that produce a trail blazing 1400 lumens (1000 measured). The compact size of the light means you are able to mount to your bike or even your helmet with no hassle at all. The light has 6 different power options so you can work to how much battery you have left or the conditions you are riding in. The light also features a handy backlit power switch that indicates what power setting you are running at the time

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