Strip Anti Chafing Cream

Strip Anti Chafing Cream


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Strip Anti Chafing Cream Description

  • Chafing is usually the undesirable result of inadequate preparation
  • Chafing results in pain, distraction and inflammation - all factors that takeaway from the best of performances
  • STRIP anti-chafing cream forms a lubrication layer, its coconut oil based formula has anti-fungal and antibacterial properties to protect against saddle sores, skin afflictions and sore butts
  • When you spend half your life on your bike you’ll appreciate an anti-chafing cream that reduces friction, keeps you fresh on long rides and is delicate on your derriere
  • Gone are the days of raw and well done, using steak as a chamois cream, this stuff soothes and works wonders
  • Take heed runners - can also help to prevent jogger’s nipple!Directions for use: Apply liberally in areas prone to friction and chafing and for added protection, apply to cycling short insert
  • 75 ml serving is airline friendly!

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