Fabric Scoop Flat Elite Saddle - Black White(Archived)

Fabric Scoop Flat Elite Saddle - Black White(Archived)


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Fabric Scoop Flat Elite Saddle - Black White(Archived) Description

The Scoop is a middle-width saddle designed to provide flexibility and comfort in all disciplines of modern cycling. It is the perfect balance of comfort, performance and simplicity. The Scoop is available in three saddle profiles, a large selection of colours and a range of build specifications.

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Simple. Comfortable. Easy to Clean.

All of Fabric's Scoop saddles share the same simple three-part manufacturing process; they comprise of a cover, base and rail. This minimal manufacturing technique removes any staples and excess material which is synonymous with traditional saddle design – this further reduces weight, improves comfort and is much easier to clean. Our exclusive new construcion technique allows for a more comfortable foam topper and improved flexibility in the base. Every Scoop is encased with a durable and waterproof microfibre cover which is grippy whilst still allowing you to move freely around the saddle.

You have two choices for base material – fibre-reinforced nylon or carbon-fibre. Our custom nylon base features on Elite, Race and Pro spec levels: it’s very flexible giving you maximum comfort and comes in the widest selection of colours. Our carbon-fibre base features on our Scoop Ultimate saddle. Our carbon fibre has highly flexible characteristics, although it feels stiffer than our nylon base, and is widely renowned for absorbing small vibrations.

We offer three rail material options; chromoly (102g), titanium (92g) and carbon (33g). Our Scoop Elite saddle has a chromoly rail with anti-corrosive coating. Scoop Race uses a titanium rail which increases saddle comfort and is also highly resistant to oxidation and abrasion through its CrNi coating. Our Scoop Pro and Ultimate saddles share the same super-lightweight full carbon 7mm x 9mm oval rails.


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